Thyroid Health Priority Coaching


Is your #1 Priority to get your health back?

As you know, I have a thyroid condition too, and I want to help you.


I work with people worldwide by telephone and Skype.

A weakened and compromised thyroid condition will not get better by itself.

Your thyroid health must become your first priority if you’re to get and stay well.


I can help you GET YOUR LIFE BACK! 


When is Get Your Life Back! Thyroid Health Priority Tele-Coaching for you?

  • If you struggle with chronic thyroid symptoms day in and day out
  • If you keep gaining weight and can’t get it off (even after taking thyroid medication)
  • If your doctor is not listening to your many symptoms and is not helping you
  • If you feel sluggish and can’t think or can’t stay focused
  • If you need help figuring out the specific thyroid diet for yourself
  • If you’re stressed, exhausted and can’t hold a thought long enough to make decisions
  • If you lack motivation
  • If your schedule is busy but your mind is confused and you don’t know what to do first – or next


Let’s talk…

Kim helped me get on track with my diet and how to deal with the myriad of thyroid symptoms that were ruining my life. She is so easy to talk to, understands because she has it too, and is a wealth if information that is all focused on thyroid health from every angle. I’m glad you’re “Dr. DeClutter” too, you helped me ‘reorganize’ my thinking about this too which really made a difference.” ~ Dana, Miami, Florida

Thank you Kim for coaching me back to health. I didn’t think I’d ever have my life back again. You are so compassionate and intelligent, easy to understand, helpful and funny! I’m “glad” in a bad way (!) that you have hypothyroidism and have had Hashimoto’s Disease too because you truly understand me.” ~ Pat, London, England


It’s time to Get Your Life Back.

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Get your list of questions ready and let’s schedule your session!

Expect these results

  • LEARN why your body and brain are malfunctioning in so many ways
  • LOSE the weight that is thyroid based imbalance and feel good about yourself again
  • GAIN knowledge and confidence when talking about your condition and with your doctor
  • IDENTIFY the specific diet you need to follow to get well and enjoy your family, friends and life again
  • LEARN about the foods that are triggering your symptoms
  • FIND out what your body needs to rebuild and rebalance itself beyond your medication
  • CREATE a personalized plan to get structure back into your life
  • DISCUSS your personal struggles where they can be heard and get the answers you need to get your life back
  • FEEL less fatigued, more interested and excited about life again, and movement toward a brighter future
  • FOLLOW a plan of action to take you from struggle to strength, from fear to freedom and from pain to peace



If you have already ordered Get Your Life Back! Thyroid Health Manual and/or 6-Module Course, you’re already using the diet and checklists, seeing some changes, but maybe not sticking to the diet? Let’s jump in and start from where you are and what you need next:

  • More diet choices/answers
  • Help staying motivated to eat right for your health
  • Time and stress management to help heal your adrenal imbalances

#1: One 60-Minute Coaching Call/Session – OR – up to 8 email Q&A’s/month (use within a 4 week period):  $125.00


#2: Or, get started with the Get Your Life Back! Thyroid Health Manual and Checklists and more Packages #2 or #3 below.


Not a current customer and ready to get started?

Choose from options below.
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#1: Get Your Life Back! Jumpstart Session.  Let’s get started.


  • Health and Lifestyle Assessment
  • Get Your Life Back! eBook/Manual ($37.00 value)
  • Thyroid Diet
  • Checklist Forms
  • Prioritizing the 7 Pillar Formula to Rebuild Your Thyroid Health
  • Set your personal commitments to your thyroid health plan
  • One (1) 90-minute phone session
  • One (1) 30-minute follow up phone session



#2: Get Your Life Back! 30-Day Kickstart.

A 30-day Priority Coaching Kickstart Program to lift the fog and get you back on your feet and into your lovely life.


  • Everything in #1 above, plus
  • Get Your Life Back! 6-Module Audio Home Study Course ($99 value)
  • Four (4) 30-minute phone strategy sessions within a 30 day period from first session
  • We’ll plan and customize your diet, clean out your pantry, decide your food shopping and menu for the next 3 months.
  • Prioritize lifestyle changes necessary for deeper healing



#3: Get Your Life Back! 3-Month Complete Life-Stabilizing and Guidance Program.

A 90-day Life Priority Coaching Program to keep you moving forward with your best choices in the 7 Pillars Formula to Rebuild      Your Thyroid Health, PLUS strategizing your personal 11 Goal Areas for a Balanced Life.

With your thyroid health stabilizing you can get back to your life again
and this program will help be the container and guide for you.
What do you want for your life once you’re feeling good again?

          As a Stress, Change and Organizational Skills Expert, I know that you need to have not only goals in the following 11 areas in your life in order to achieve inner peace and balance again, but the  strategies and plans in place to follow through on them with focused vision, action and support. These areas all need a new look and polish to shine again.

  1. Health (thyroid and overall)
  2. Mental / Emotional
  3. Spirituality
  4. Family
  5. Finances / Paperwork
  6. Work/Job/Career
  7. Education
  8. Relationships
  9. Recreation/play/fun/socializing/creativity
  10. Contribution/giving
  11. Material


  • Everything in #1 and #2 above, plus
  • Twelve (12) 30-minute phone strategy sessions / four (4) within each 30 day period: We’ll find what works for you, your family and your lifestyle, exercise and activities to boost your energy
  • Priority planning in all 11 Goal Areas for a Balanced Life (that have been left behind) while staying focused on your thyroid health plan easily and effortlessly as you experience incremental, positive brain/body health changes to get back to your life
  • Personalized meal planning for your future
  • Create a plan for the rest of your life for your best thyroid health decisions
  • Priority Check Sheets to stay focused daily
  • Email support for 90 days //
  • One (1) hour intensive strategy session for your life goals.
  • Bonuses: 3 ebooks to help you get and stay organized in all areas of life



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