doctor with stethoscope

Why do you need to find a “thyroid trained practitioner?”

To find out the long reason, read my blog post.  The short answer, however, is very simple – doctors who are not specifically “thyroid trained” will have no idea what you’re talking about when you bring them your list of over 70 symptoms, feeling tired, depressed, lost and crazy! Been there done that! You need a doctor who is educated in YOUR thyroid condition, PLUS . . . in nutrition, supplements, the right lab tests and how to read them and more to help you get your life back faster.

I’ve been lucky, blessed or otherwise very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with several practitioners since 2008 to get my body, brain and life back and on track from hypothyroidism, hypoglycemia and Hashimoto’s Disease. It’s/my health is still in progress, but having the right doctors makes all the difference.

    Note: Some doctors on these lists may not be practicing any longer or their office’s moved since they were put on lists. I offer several lists to find one as close to you as possible. Always ask if they are “Thyroid Trained.”

DISTANCE TREATMENT -WORK BY PHONE/SKYPE:  Most all practitioners here can work with people who don’t live near their offices, by phone and/or Internet. Contact them to find out more. 


~~ COLORADO – Contact to work with you by phone/Internet

1) Dr. Allomong IS MY PRACTITIONER.  Longmont, CO, Dr. Jared Allomong, DC,  Functional Health Center  (303) 827-3772 or –  Trained by Dr. Kharrazian (See #4).

√ If you cannot find one on these lists contact Dr. Allomong’s office, he can see you by phone/email 


2) Denver, CO, Dr. David Arthur, DC, FACFN, DACNB, CCCN, BCIM, DCCN   Click here. (720) 248-4770 Trained by Dr. Kharrazian (See #4).

3) Boulder, CO, Dr. Craig Reece,  DC, PC  Click here. (303) 447-1300  – Trained by Dr. Kharrazian (See #4).


4) International List: Find a large number of doctors trained by Dr. Kharrazian, renowned expert in thyroid treatment. Click here.

5) National List: Dr. Johnson’s Group at Life Changing Care.

6) International List: Thyroid problem expert Mary Shomon has created a huge list to help you find the right doctor for you around the globe. Click here.

7) The American Thyroid Association (Endocrinologists). If you have thyroid cancer,  acute Graves’ disease, thyroid nodules, or a goiter — see an endocrinologist.  Click here.

8) Thyroid Surgeons: Many ear/nose/throat and general surgeons are not considered thyroid surgery experts; and you’ll want a surgeon who does dozens of thyroid surgeries a year, at minimum. For more information, read Finding a Top Thyroid Surgeon.