Lifestyle & Life Balance

If you don’t treat the root cause of your problem, it will never really be treated.

There are several roots that you must deal with to get your life back from the destruction of thyroid dysfunction.

Remember, thyroid problems are related to autoimmune diseases (ADs). Sadly, if you don’t take care of one of them that you realize you have, it can multiply into others.

I’ll outline here, then visit my blog to find ongoing and deeper information.

1. Diet

A healthy diet of the right “fuel” will heal a lot of problems even if you don’t have a thyroid condition. But, your diet is absolutely everything when you have an autoimmune disease (AD)/condition. Your body is allergic to, reacting to, responding incorrectly to, or inflamed (inflammation) by the food you eat (mostly sugar, processed foods and the wrong fats) triggering symptom after layer of symptom.


The diet that will immediately start helping you reset your health is outlined here. There are more defined areas in my blog and many good cookbooks on thyroid and gluten-free diets that are helpful.

Yes to – Vegetables (except white potatoes), fruit, meat, fish, eggs and nuts (almonds and walnuts), and almond or coconut milk. Plan lots of fiber, include flaxseeds. Brown rice and beans. Oils: olive, coconut, flaxseed. Real butter.  Lots of water too of course.

No to –Gluten (flour, corn, grains); No sugar (only Stevia or Truvia); No dairy (due to hormones and steroids) and No soy as it is GMOd (genetically modified). Even if soy is GMO-free (read the label) soy for women is not a great choice as it triggers our hormones. No sodas or any drink with fructose or corn syrup. This leaves you with water, decaf and herbal teas. No or limited alcohol due to gluten and sugar. (I’d go with No alcohol to stay committed to healing your body for 6 months.)

How long? Stay committed to this diet for at least 6 months to help your body get back to balance and give it time to heal. You will be amazed after 6 months how you don’t crave foods you used to and that you’ve really changed your thought-patterns about the foods you desire.

Will you lose weight? Yes! You will lose weight doing this – a nice side affect! I lost 18 lbs and went from Hashimoto’s Disease back to “just” hypothyroidism in 5 months (and am still losing). You may start adding some of the “No” list back after 6 months – very slowly, as you may get ill from them. If you are seeing a practitioner, they will advise you further on what your body can handle. You may also not add back anything from the “No” list and keep growing more healthy each day! Why slip back into old patterns when you’ve worked this intentionally for so long?

Constipation. Boooo. A symptom of hypothyroidism is constipation. 🙁  Eating this new diet will add to constipation sometimes unless you’re diligent about getting vegetables and water in early in the day. Consider using Metamucil and health food store herbs options to help you move things along! (I do not advise Benefiber, though it works well, as it used aspartame as its sweetener, a very bad choice – and invention – affecting brain health.) Exercise helps to get digestive tracts moving too!

2. Exercise

Your body needs to move daily anyway, but with an AD, even if you have fibromyalgia or other conditions that makes it painful to move, you need to get off your “yeah but!” and move!

Walking, stretching and moving even 10 minutes a day to start is huge to get your metabolism up, blood and oxygen moving in your body and brain, and digestion moving (since constipation is a symptom and many ADs, especially thyroid problems, and can still be an issue on the diet as well.)

3. Supplements and immune system support

I will have more on this in my blog, and will be quoting practitioners and studies as I’m not a medical professional. However, it stands to reason that we are not getting everything we need from our food anymore in the way of minerals and vitamins, and if you’re not eating a lot of fish, you’re not getting enough Omega-3, essential to your brain and body health.

Lack of Vitamin D is a huge contributor and precursor for all autoimmune diseases. So, this is very important. However, if you don’t heal your body through diet and the necessary other supplements, the Vit. D will literally not be assimilated into your body.

4. Stress Management and adrenal system support

97% of all doctor’s office visits are stress related. Stress runs your body down, creating fatigue, overwhelm, pain and much more. Stress also depletes your immune system and adrenal glands. These are all the domino’s that will topple your body into ADs.

I will be talking a lot about stress management in my blog as we do have control over what we think, feel and do on a daily basis.

5. Time Management

Like stress, dealing with time and deadlines is something we can control. Getting back in charge of how we deal with time and how we use it will help us help ourselves each day.

6. Organizing

As a professional organizer, I know how much being organized and maintaining our space can help us feel more calm and in control, both of which are needed more and more with handling ADs.

7. Dental Care

ADs and cancer are caused by inflammation in our bodies.  Inflammation can cause dental problems, and then the dental problems spread into your body and create inflammation that can keep you feeling fatigued and “out of it” on an ongoing basis. It can be a vicious cycle. So, get a check up at least annually and have the work done to keep your teeth, gums and jaw/bones healthy.

8. Spirituality

Taking time daily to just “be” is very important to our over health and happiness. Life isn’t “out there,” it’s “in here.” Take time to just be with yourself, nature, contemplate spirit, God, the Universe, Source, etc. Let more that what you think is real show itself to you.