Thyroid Health Answers FAQs

If you’re tired of low-thyroid problems or have Hashimoto’s Disease, welcome.

I get many personal emails from people around the world asking for help to deal with their frustration and confusion regarding their thyroid health. In order to help more people faster, I’ve consolidated the most important questions here so that you too can get the right answers the first time and move forward more quickly to begin rebuilding your thyroid health today.

The answer to the following questions are included in The 7 Pillar Formula to Rebuild Your Thyroid Health below.

    #1: The thyroid medication I’m on isn’t helping me, what should I do?

    #2: I can’t lose weight and feel so out of control.

    #3: I’m so exhausted all the time,  I really don’t care about anything anymore.

    #4: I’m dizzy and feel wobbly, I don’t feel in control of my body sometimes. Sometimes people think I’m drunk!

    #5: My eyebrows are falling out, my hair is thinning, my nails are ridged and my skin is getting crepey and thin.

    #6: My brain is foggy and fuzzy. I can’t think, I forget things and I’m feeling worthless a work and at home.

    #7: I hurt all over. My joints and muscles are always in pain.

    #8: I’m freezing all the time when others are in shorts and barefoot.

    #9: My bloodsugar is all over the place. I’m a mess.

    #10: Do I have to take this medication and do all these things all my life to stay well?

The answer to all these “symptoms” of hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s Disease is the following combo-plan.


 The 7 Pillar Formula to Rebuild Your Thyroid Health

1. Practitioner (thyroid trained)

Find a “thyroid trained” practitioner who understands immediately the over 67 symptoms you may have and how to deal with them from the start. “Regular doctors”, nutritionists, ears, nose and throat doctors, etc. who are not specifically trained will not be of help and will actually be of harm as you will keep waiting longer to get the help you need while your body is falling apart.

  • Go to this link on this site, PRACTITIONERS and find one as close as you can in your area, anywhere in the world.
  • Notice on this link Dr. Datis Kharrazian, Dr. Johnson’s Group at Life Changing Care and Dr. Eric Berg. Practitioners trained under these practitioners are the best.
  • Don’t expect your doctor to know more than they do, they are not trained and are too busy to isolate out one more area and become an expert in it.

A thyroid trained practitioner will help you easily with the following 5 Pillars.

2. Specific and Correct Lab Tests

Your doctor may take one blood test and maybe give you thyroid medication then send you on your way. Worse yet, they may be detached or cruel to you. I’ve heard plenty of stories… “He told me stop worrying about it.” “He told me to start exercising and stop eating white rice!” “She told me to go on a diet and lose weight and come back next year.”

There are a series of blood panels, saliva and stool samples and other tests that should be run to get the full picture of your hormone and adrenal system.

Only a thyroid trained pracitioner will 1) understand this, 2) order the right panels, and, more importantly, 3) know how to read them when he/she gets them back.

3. Medication

Any doctor can put you on a thyroid medication after one simple blood test says that you’re low or high. However, back to #1 and #2, it’s not just about one blood test. It’s also not just about one pill a day for the rest of your life. Thyroid medication is important, but not the whole picture.

You also might find some thyroid medications work better for you than others as well. Or, as you get worse or better, you need to up or down your dosage. Feeling “worse” is also linked to so much more than just the thyroid. The adrenals and other glands are involved too that thyroid medication won’t help.

4. Supplements

If you have a thyroid problem, your body is not functioning on many levels. You need high quality, targeted supplements to help you get inner-balance back.

5. Diet

There are plenty of toxins, chemicals, substances and foods that attack the thyroid and your immune system. A specific, clean diet and detox program are essential to helping your body rebuild its natural ability to metabolize food and take in the nutrients that our bodies need to keep them happy, healthy and humming.

6. Lifestyle Changes

There are a number of other lifestyle changes that are necessary to help your thyroid medication, supplements and water work even better for you, including exercise and getting toxins out of your pantry, cookware, bathroom and home.

Your doctor, however, cannot help you this Pillar #7.

7. Commitment

100% commitment is key to getting your life back.

You have to be committed to your health changes 100% every day.

A kind of fascinating thing about having this condition is that the remedies – the best nutrition, diet, supplements, positive lifestyle changes, better health care – are everything we should commit to every day of our lives anyway! So, getting started now because you HAVE TO is a blessing for the rest of your life because you’ll WANT TO.

So, the answer to #10 in the question section above is, “yes”, you do have to do these things for the rest of your life, though they will change as you get healthier and become your “new normal.”

Build these pillars strong and balanced and you’ll get your life back.

I look forward to working with you to help you stay accountable

to these changes you will be making. See my Priority Health Coaching below.


Get Immediate Answers and Solutions

You must take charge of your health in order to help your doctor help you.

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DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical practitioner but a thyroid patient, advocate and educator working with thyroid trained practitioners getting my life back while researching and learning to help others do the same.