Get Your Life Back! Thyroid and Health Reset Manual


Order your personal Thyroid Health Plan Manual,

Checklist Forms & Diet to use for a lifetime.




(ebook pdf format only so that you can print the FORMS pages as often as you need for tracking and documentation for yourself and your practitioner.)  No returns due to this being an e-product.


Never say “I don’t know” again to your doctor!

Get the answers to your questions in the guide to your thyroid health plus, track your health progress easily and effortlessly with thyroid condition specific checklists, cutting down on stress, disorganization, forgetting important details and questions you need asked and answered at each doctor’s appointment.


  1. You will learn about your condition
  2. You’ll have over 15 CHECKLISTS and FORMS to use and to reuse, imperative to your optimal treatment process and progress with your health care practitioner,
  3. Plus, you’ll get the imperative THYROID DIET that you need to rebuild your body and brain and can start using immediately.

Get yours now and GET YOUR LIFE BACK!

Primarily for Low Thyroidism, Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s Disease

Follow my proven Thyroid Health Reset Diet and start healing your symptoms
in just weeks. Plus, lose weight and feel better all around.

Manual and Forms: $37.00  Ebook/PDF format only

for a lifetime of printable use for all future healthcare appointments

for thyroid conditions and overall health.



Also, available…

6-Module Get Your Life Back!

Audio Home Study Course  $99.00

If you want a more in depth program, Get Your Life Back! Reset Your Thyroid Health Home Study Course, a 6-Module Audio Course includes the $37.00 thyroid health plan e-manual and forms (see above), plus mp3 audios and more, comprehensive learning materials.

Either way, you’ll be on track to begin the road to your thyroid (body and brain) recovery more quickly.  

(ebook pdf format only so that you can print the FORMS pages and all materials as often as you need for tracking and documentation for yourself and your practitioner.)  No returns due to this being an e-product.

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and purchase the 6-Module Audio Home Study Course. 



Download the eManual and eForms. Read the materials, manual and forms on your computer and print the lists as you need them.    


I’ve said it, you’ve said it, millions of women and men are saying it right now!  “Help me!” After spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on medications, tests and more, millions are still yearning to get their lives back from the non-stop symptoms that are thyroid related. If you are too, then read on and get your solutions today with Get Your Life Back! Manual.

I’m enjoying your Material! I must THANK YOU for your thorough research and patience in putting this together ! It is very helpful and your ARE knowledgeable on this subject. It’s like be handheld as I start this new venture, it’s Great ! You did the ground work for this !! Amazing !! and well written too! Easy to read, entertaining and a Life Saver !! There is Hope !!! Glad I found you ! Not just for this Topic, but a Great Connection too!!
Renée, Canada

I never would have guessed that the food I ate contributed so much to my body aches and pains and the thyroid symptoms, that have gotten progressively worse over the past 10 years. Following your Food Rectangle Diet and Plan made an  immediate difference. I’m still amazed at how much better I feel and, like you said, I lost weight too! How nice is that?! Thank you.
~ Carli, MT

This manual and forms will help you immediately. You’ll learn: 

  • how your nutrition is killing you
  • what to eat to stop the symptoms from derailing your brain, body and life
  • what simple lifestyle changes will help you feel better quickly
  • what lists you can use to check and take to your practitioner to help them diagnose your problems faster and better
  • what your body needs to get healthy again
  • what your brain needs to get focused and clear again
  • how to get your life back through your thyroid health reset
  • and so much more.

I will seize this opportunity to tell you that your manual is one of the best documents that we have seen for any health problem. The document is easy to read and to the point with several tools that are not only useful, but helpful.
~ Rodolfo, FL

Getting your life back after suffering from thyroid problems – usually for decades before you have it correctly diagnosed – takes some time. I have been through this myself and of course will continue my healing process the rest of my life.

Even if you don’t have a diagnosed thyroid problem, but feel sluggish, stressed, have weight fluctuations, fog brain, muscle pain and other symptoms, this book will give you guidelines that will help you stop these symptoms from running and ruining your life.

Using your Forms was like you were sitting right beside me in my doctor’s office while I easily answered every symptom question and got much better help because I didn’t say “I don’t know” or left the appointment wishing I’d talked about my symptoms that I’d forgotten, only because they’ve become too “normal” in my life! This is an incredible resource for me forever. Thank you for creating it!
~ Dawn


While going through the first 6 months of intensive thyroid health treatment and personal research, I created a structured guide, thyroid specific diet and checklist forms to use for myself and my doctors. You get the benefit from this and from my continued research for the best answers for us all.

No more answering the doctor’s question, “How have you been feeling since our last appointment,” with “I don’t know” or “I’m fine,” when you’re not!



The MANUAL – educates you, giving an overview of

  • autoimmune diseases,
  • thyroid diseases,
  • thyroid symptoms: hyperthyroid and hypothyroid,
  • hypoglycemic symptoms,
  • fibromyalgia symptoms,
  • thyroid diet and
  • lifestyle changes necessary for your long term wellness.

It also explains the use of the FORMS and CHECKLISTS that you will use on an ongoing basis.  

The CHECKLIST FORMS – A separate set of over 15 checklists that you use each week to track your healing process, taking them to your doctor so that he or she can see your ongoing progress (good or bad) and treat you accordingly.

I never would have thought I’d check almost all 63 symptoms on  your list! Boy, no wonder I’ve not been having fun in life for a long time! You really opened my eyes to help me see that the way my body is functioning, or mal-functioning is NOT normal and it can change. I’m feeling so much better following your plan already. ~ Benny


My personal experience with the above conditions and research has shown me a path to healing thyroid problems faster due to being organized, clear and concise with your doctor. Combine these ideas with your thyroid trained practitioner’s treatment plan and you’ll be feeling better soon.


There are 2 Parts to this Ebook, all in PDF setting you up for success and less stress:

  1.  Get Your Life Back! Thyroid Health Plan MANUAL
  2. Get Your Life Back! Active FORMS

All of our patients should have these forms. This makes treating you so much easier and efficient.
~ Dr. Kristen Watts

These checklists are excellent. They make my work with you easier and I know that you’re being serious about tracking your own wellness, which helps me work with you better too.
~ Dr. Jared Allomong


There ARE answers to getting your life and health back from hypo and hyperthyroidism symptoms, Hashimoto’s and Graves’ Disease. I’ve done it, and many others have too. I want you to Get Your Life Back too!

I want you to be well again, or . . . for the first time in your life!

Over 50 million people, mostly women have thyroid problems, and most don’t know it. If you do, I want you to use this manual and forms to help you get and stay serious about your health. Getting your thyroid functioning again will make a world of difference to you. I know you want that too.

Get your copy today and start healing your brain, body and life!