Get Your Life Back! 

 Reset Your Thyroid Health

e-Manual and Forms

An organized guide to your health and wellness.

Your health is stealing your life, one “fog brain” moment at at time. Get Your Life Back! helps you stay responsible to your thyroid health and activities around it necessary to get your up and humming again.

Track your health progress easily and effortlessly with the checklists in the FORMS section to cut down on stress, disorganization, forgetting important details and questions you need asked and answered at each doctor’s appointment.

You’ll learn about your condition and use over 15 invaluable CHECKLISTS and FORMS imperative to your optimal treatment process and progress with your health care practitioner.

Ebook format. Download, 3-hole punch and put into a binder for ongoing use with your health care practitioner. You’ll be able to make endless copies of the FORMS that you’ll need on an ongoing basis.

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Get Your Life Back! 

Reset Your Thyroid Health

Home Study Course

6-Module Audio Program

(Take at your own pace)

NOTE: Get Your Life Back! Reset Your Thyroid Health e-Manual and Forms (see above) is included in this program. This is an ebook/mp3 audio program.


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Stress and overwhelm are factors in affecting your thyroid health. The following books can help you let go, destress and bring more joy back into your life quickly.


 Letting Go With All Your Might
 A guide to life transitions, changes, choices and effective redecisions

Find out more about this book with over 40 exercises for self-inquiry used internationally by counselors for their clients.

Endorsed by Dr. Bernie Siegel and more.


 Burn Your House Down!
 And 99 other ways to create an organized life

eBOOK format.

Learn how to get and stay organized to cut down on clutter, stress and manic-mind-mess!

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Holiday Stress Be Gone!
The Complete Self-Help Guide on How to Change Your Holiday Experiences for GOOD!

“I hate Christmas!” should not be your thoughts year round about the holidays, family and celebrations!

Learn how to pre-plan and take care of yourself while enjoying the holidays, others, events, gift giving and receiving, food and more!

Filled with checklists, tips and keys to make the positive changes you want this year, and every year.