Once upon a time…

… I had a life. I traveled around the world speaking to women’s groups, companies and organizations like NASA, IBM and Quaker Oats. I presented nurses continuing education programs at AORN Congress (over 3,000 in the audience), associations, clubs and groups of all kinds. I was on the board for four years and President of the National Speakers Association, Colorado Chapter. Life had flow, purpose, passion and joy!

Then one day in 1993, after getting back from speaking in Germany and Switzerland, I found out that I needed to have half of my thyroid removed, it had a lump on it. Luckily, it was benign. I ended up on Synthroid medication (the normal prescribed med for this condition) and no further instruction as to what to expect over the years.

During this same time I also had two other “female” surgeries, one of which was a hysterectomy. Needless to say, I was out of commission much of that year.

The Wicked Witch of the West was brewing up an even bigger tale I couldn’t see coming.

During my recovery period, and in between surgeries and anesthesia, Healthcare Reform happened (thanks Hillary!). Nurses Continuing Education was slashed, as were the jobs of Nurse Education Directors nationwide. Nurses and healthcare were 95% of my market. With too many eggs in one basket, and no more in my body, my boat was sunk.

1993 was BC, Before Computers. I didn’t have the oomph to get back on the telephone to “Smile and Dial” to get speaking and training  jobs at corporations, or to get back on airplanes with my body in recovery and pain. I lost it all. Somehow there was an ironic twist in it as I was just finishing writing my first book, Letting Go With All Your Might. Ironic title, eh?

Fast forward with a wave of a magical wand.

Over the past few years, and more than all of the 17 since 1993, I’ve been more and more fatigued, listless, confused, unfocused, tired, apathetic, can’t sleep and exhausted. Mostly, I just haven’t cared about much though I’ve continued to speak and write and blog and “show up.”

Time and time again people will tell me, “I wish I were you! You’re so smart and happy and good at what you do!” Depending on the person, I sometimes can tell the truth, “Thank you so much, but you don’t live in my head!” When I’m speaking or organizing (my day jobs!) I’m great! I’m in the moment and “on.” But when I leave my program or job I just want to crawl into bed, and at that point I’m not too concerned about anything, including waking up again. (Can you relate?)

In May of this year I went to my doctor one more time. Tired, sobbing, as I’ve been doing for months on a daily basis for no apparent reason, depressed and experiencing something that I would learn soon enough had a name, “brain fog.” I told my doctor that I was bundled up (jacket, long pants, scarf) and cold, constantly feeling chills while  watching others out in the lovely spring weather in their shorts and running tops. With all my symptoms in mind, and these added to the list, he lit up and said, “I know what you have! Hashimoto’s Disease!” I heard angels singing at that moment! There was a name for this?

Blood tests verified it in a few more weeks plus adrenal exhaustion, depleted Vitamin D and much more. I immediately started to research the symptoms of Hashimoto’s Disease and hypothyroidism.  I created a list of over 55 symptoms – and I have 53 of them! (Now I know there are over 67 symptoms!)

Update: 2012

After 2 years of a big diet changes, losing 26 lbs, plus massive amounts of supplements to get my body and brain back, I’m feeling better and better.

There are constant tweaks and adjustments being made, but it’s so much better.

Update: 2013

After 3 years, eating the Thyroid Reset Diet, that I also teach others to use in my Get Your Life Back! Reset Your Thyroid Health Manual is a no brainer, which, after years of brain fog, is really good! 🙂 Learning the diet and sticking with it is key. Plus, keeping a regular schedule with my thyroid trained practitioner helps to as he checks where my body is with healing hormone levels and other areas that need new or more attention.


What I found in my research on autoimmune diseases is that they are common, affecting more than 23.5 million Americans and 50 million worldwide. 75% of these are women. They are a leading cause of death and disability. So, I decided that I need to use my voice, as a writer and speaker, to do something about this. I meet women constantly with these same symptoms and they have no idea why they can’t lose weight, grow fingernails without ridges, or have a sex life as their libido is shot!

This site is to help others who are stuck in the symptoms of thyroid problems and don’t know that that’s what it is, as doctor’s misdiagnose it all the time, or give us Synthroid or other blanket medications and send us on our way.

I also created a manual, forms and home study course for others to use to help them (to help you) get your life back too. Find out more here.

… and they lived happily ever after!

The only way to live happily with thyroid problems is to understand it and to follow The 7 Pillar Formula for Rebuilding Your Thyroid Health to get your body and brain functioning 100% again.

Thank you for visiting. I look forward to helping you and to meeting you on the road to our best lives once again.

Kim Wolinski