"Thyroid disease is more common than diabetes or heart disease."

~ American College of Endocrinology

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More than 30,000,000 people in the US and 200 million worldwide have a Thyroid Disorder Most affected are women. Some estimates are over 50 million in US and over 200 million worldwide, and growing.

Estimates vary widely as most patients are misdiagnosed or undiagnosed because doctors don't know what they are looking for.

Thyroid disease is also an autoimmune disease. This means that over 27 million people have one or more of the over 105 known autoimmune diseases.

Are you one?

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Why You Need To Get Serious About Healing Your Leaky Gut Now

Your Gut is the Gateway to Health

Learning all you can about how to stop and heal leaky gut will be health and life changing.

Doctors will lead you down the path of prescription medications to “fix” your problem. It won’t. Keep reading.

Thyroiditis and autoimmune diseases, like Hashimoto’s and Graves disease, are diseases of the immune system. Something happened, plus a smattering of your genes took over, your immune system got very confused and began attacking your own tissues. In your case, your thyroid is under attack, but could also include other organs like your intestines, your skin, your brain, your pancreas.

DID YOU KNOW… That 80% of your immune system is located in your gut making it

the foundation of your whole body’s health. A happy, healthy gut translates to a happier, healthier body.

What is Leaky Gut?

Leaky gut happens when the tight junctions that hold your intestinal wall together become loose. You can think of your gut lining as a drawbridge. Teeny tiny boats (micronutrients in food) that are meant to travel back and forth are able to go under the bridge without a problem. This is an important system that allows vital nutrients from the food you eat to be absorbed into your bloodstream.

Certain aspects of our modern life, including toxic foods and stress, will cause that drawbridge to go up, allowing bigger boats that aren’t meant to travel through to cross over. Your gut wall is meant to protect you from these substances, but now microbes, toxins, proteins, and partially digested food particles are passing under the drawbridge and escaping into your bloodstream.

~ Amy Myers, MD

What Causes Leaky Gut?

Causes are close at hand… life on “planet wobble” and our modern lifestyle. We take in so much and too much toxic and inflammatory foods, medications and chemicals that our bodies are exposed to and the chronic stress many of us are under everyday are the cause. We also get infections and parasites, and other means that attach our gut. I’ll cover the #1 culprit here.


The majority of culprits are foods that are “inflammatory” to your body.

  • Gluten is the #1 culprit. It triggers the release of zonulin in your intestines, a chemical that tells your gut lining to “open up”.
  • Other inflammatory foods such as dairy,
  • grains (including gluten, corn, soy),
  • pseudograins (amaranth, buckwheat, chia, quinoa)
  • nightshades (White Potatoes, Tomatoes, Eggplant, Peppers, Okra, Goji berries, Tomatillos, Sorrel, Gooseberries, Ground cherries, Pepino melons, Tobacco, Paprika, Cayenne pepper, Capsicum) and
  • eggs,
  • along with toxic foods, such as, sugar,
  • alcohol and caffiene
  • GMO’s are major contributors to leaky gut as well. Unless certified organic, most vegetables and fruit are GMO.


Let’s just go straight to the solution and healing journey that you absolutely can do for yourself to heal leaky gut and take back your health.

START: Do an elimination diet to determine your personal food sensitivities. See the list above. For a full clean diet, I suggest my Manual.

RESTORE THE GOOD: Add back in the essential ingredients for proper digestion and absorption that may have been depleted by diet, drugs (such as antacid medications) diseases, or aging. This includes digestive enzymes, hydrochloric acid, and bile acids that are required for proper digestion.

Restoring beneficial bacteria to re-establish a healthy balance of good bacteria is critical. This may be accomplished by taking a

  • probiotic supplement that contains beneficial bacteria such as bifidobacteria and lactobacillus species. Start with 100 Billion Probiotic, which contains a potent blend of four proven strains of beneficial bacteria.
  • Repair by providing the nutrients necessary to help the gut repair itself is essential, like collagen which is rich in amino acids that quite literally, “seal the leaks” or perforations in your gut by healing damaged cells and building new tissue.
  • And L-glutamine, an amino acid that helps to rejuvenate the gut wall lining.


To get started, I suggest my “clean diet” in my manual Get Your Life Back! Reset Your Thyroid Health e-Manual and Forms

Plus, the FORMS in this manual are priceless. As thyroid conditions include brain fog and exhaustion, my forms will help you stay on track and not forget what you’re doing. They certainly helped me while I was battling the depths of Hashimoto’s disease, triggering me to write the manual for myself and others.


For the supplements specific to your needs, find a Thyroid Trained Practitioner, usually a Functional Medicine Doctor. Here are links to find one in your area.  http://thyroidu.com/practitioners/   Your “regular” doctor and even most Endocrinologists are not educated on nutrition and the supplements you’ll need.


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