"Thyroid disease is more common than diabetes or heart disease."

~ American College of Endocrinology

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More than 30,000,000 people in the US and 200 million worldwide have a Thyroid Disorder Most affected are women. Some estimates are over 50 million in US and over 200 million worldwide, and growing.

Estimates vary widely as most patients are misdiagnosed or undiagnosed because doctors don't know what they are looking for.

Thyroid disease is also an autoimmune disease. This means that over 27 million people have one or more of the over 105 known autoimmune diseases.

Are you one?

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Help Your Thyroid Health With These Routines

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What good routines do you have in place to help heal and maintain your thyroid health?

Like brushing your teeth every day (at least once), it was learned as a life skill in childhood and now is a routine, part of your lifestyle. You just do it at a certain time of the day and hardly think about it. You also can’t not do it each day and most people wouldn’t think of not brushing their teeth. It’s a must for many good reasons.


Routines are patterns of behavior that we repeat often. Most of us love our routines, even if they are unconscious, like driving a car, riding a bicycle, writing a letter, signing our name, etc. These are all routine activities learned over time. They are pretty much on auto-pilot.

Healing your thyroid condition doesn’t happen over night. Your thyroid health depends on a list of daily routines that need to become your lifestyle too in order to stay the course of your thyroid health and lifelong, increased wellness.


We all have routines throughout our day and our life, some that serve us well, some that support keeping us stuck. When it comes to your health, there are some routines that are important to start and keep in order to get the benefits and results you want and need for your thyroid health.

There also is a list of routines and habits that you will need to identify that keep you going down the same old wrong path that will hurt your thyroid health.


Good routines are activities that have become, or will become, or should become good habits that help us move forward with good flow in our lives.

Good routines, and ones that we like:

  • are comforting
  • are efficient
  • help us avoid errors
  • are trainable
  • increase accuracy
  • build upon themselves for a better and better outcome
  • reduce the effort required
  • run on autopilot
  • give you more time in other areas
  • open your mind and options
  • create less stress
  • become good habits
  • create a lifestyle

Since humans are creatures of habit, consciously creating healthy daily routines to create new habits to help you is a target for which to aim.

target - bullseye


1. Stress less

Stress does not help us when we have health conditions, and especially when, as with thyroid dysfunction, there is a clear connection to our adrenal gland function. We need to help our adrenals function well by choosing to live a less stressed life, which starts in our thinking and beliefs about what is, how we can’t change some things, and to let them go.

2. Diet

Good mood food and a healthy thyroid food plan needs to become a well worn rut of a routine in your mind and body. Eating a clean diet, as much organic and unprocessed as possible, plus no gluten, sugar and more, must, must, MUST become a routine to help you help your thyroid.

3. Taking your supplements and medication

Get medicine pill holders. Once a week fill them up and take your supplements. Don’t skip a day and get them refilled on time.

4. Exercise

Your body is trying so hard to heal, and you can help it by moving each and every day to help it work better for you, too. 30-60 minutes/day. Get outside and walk. Do what you love . . . dance, run, jog, hike, bicycle . . . just do it.

5. Schedule (thyroid trained) doctor appointments

Keep up with doctor appointments so that she, or he, can keep up with your needs, and hopefully positive changes, as a result of creating the preceding four areas into great, positive routines.

Your job is to stay healthy and increase your wellness in order to get your life back, for yourself and others in your life. Start new and continue set routines that support your thyroid health today.


Identify unhealthy routines and edit them from your daily life/health plan today. Like eating fast food, drinking soda, adding sugar to anything, sneaking chocolate, not taking your supplements daily, not exercising, etc. Identify them, don’t criticize yourself, and replace each with a good option and create a new pattern, routine and habit.


In my Get Your Life Back! Thyroid Health manual are numerous checklist forms to help you start and continue the routines you need, including those above.

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