"Thyroid disease is more common than diabetes or heart disease."

~ American College of Endocrinology

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More than 30,000,000 people in the US and 200 million worldwide have a Thyroid Disorder Most affected are women. Some estimates are over 50 million in US and over 200 million worldwide, and growing.

Estimates vary widely as most patients are misdiagnosed or undiagnosed because doctors don't know what they are looking for.

Thyroid disease is also an autoimmune disease. This means that over 27 million people have one or more of the over 105 known autoimmune diseases.

Are you one?

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Thyroid Health is 24/7 – Don’t Let Holidays Derail You



Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas,  Kwanzaa,  New Years, Valentine’s Day, Cinco De Mayo, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. . . you get the point, right?

We can find a lot of excuses to “just eat a little of this” and get off our clean diet for the day, week or month.  The problem is that eating for thyroid health isn’t like trying to limit calories for a weight loss “diet.” Eating a diet for a healthy thyroid is a lifestyle. It’s to help your heal and rebuild your body and brain, much more important and serious.


Taking charge of your diet for your thyroid health is not about your ego, vanity or how much room you take up on a bench. It’s about the quality of your life and . . .  your very life!


Enjoy every day and the holidays by planning ahead, eating from the clean diet menu, and enjoying people, activities, events, festivals, nature and the weather, etc.

Because, life isn’t all about food, but it is about the food you choose on a daily basis that will make the positive changes you desire.


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