"Thyroid disease is more common than diabetes or heart disease."

~ American College of Endocrinology

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More than 30,000,000 people in the US and 200 million worldwide have a Thyroid Disorder Most affected are women. Some estimates are over 50 million in US and over 200 million worldwide, and growing.

Estimates vary widely as most patients are misdiagnosed or undiagnosed because doctors don't know what they are looking for.

Thyroid disease is also an autoimmune disease. This means that over 27 million people have one or more of the over 105 known autoimmune diseases.

Are you one?

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What Star Trek Can Teach Us About Sleep Deprivation and Thyroid Problems

I was watching a rerun of Star Trek – The Next Generation last night (I love those shows!).  They found another of their ship, the Brittain, dead in the water (well, the universe!), and everyone but one crew member was dead. He was a Betazoid, meaning, he was telepathic and empathic and could read minds, thoughts and feelings of others, like Troi, an Empath, on the Enterprise. So, it’s Troi’s  job to go into his mind and see what he sees and try to figure it out.

Everyone on the other ship is dead because something made them all go mad and kill one another. In trying to find out what it was, the Enterprise gets stuck in this space warp and they can’t leave either. (Commercial!)

Just like the other ship, their crew starts becoming tired,  fatigued, paranoid, agitated, angry, they can’t remember things, how to do their jobs or think well; they become delusional and see and hear things and start fights or try to kill themselves.


By the end of the show, the reason for all this is “as simple as” this warp in space keeps them from dreaming. When we dream we go into REM sleep where we clear out the day’s clutter in our minds and our bodies rejuvenate. Without REM sleep, we soon cannot function, just like the crew of the Enterprise.

The title of this episode of Star Trek was NIGHT TERRORS. We become just like this when our body and mind is disturbed by autoimmune diseases. Due to hormone imbalances and other biological disorders, we don’t get the proper amount of sleep and REM/dream sleep that we need to rejuvenate each night. Except for anger and fighting others, I’ve felt all of  these kinds of reactions for years. Due to getting treatment for Hashimoto’s Disease and hypothyroidism I’m much better now.

Now, ladies, add to these symptoms hot flashes, night sweats and crying over nothing and it’s easy to see how our lives become very fragile and small.


If you’re having these kinds of symptoms, get a blood test and find a doctor who specializes in thyroid problems to help you to even them out sooner than later.

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